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About GCMA

Gulf Coast Maritime Academy’s history and direction, to change maritime training and certification. Course development of Captain’s licenses, STCW, and Continued Certification is more streamlined and affordable for everyone.


About GCMA

Gulf Coast Maritime Academy, LLC. is a USCG Approved facility located in Historic Port Tampa Bay. From entry level ordinary seaman to the most experienced unlimited Masters and Chief Engineers, we have resources and knowledge to support you every step of the way. GCMA specializes in premiere courses related directly to the current maritime training environment for the cruise, offshore, oil & gas, coastal shipping, Charter Boat, and yacht industries.

   Gulf Coast Maritime Academy offers many levels of approved Merchant Mariner certifications, licenses, and credential application assistance for both individual students and vessel owner/operators. All courses offered via publicized schedule are approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Our training programs are designed to exceed IMO standards and are 100% STCW 2010 Compliant.

   Gulf Coast Maritime Academy was founded with the idea that courses should be affordable, direct, and interactive. Our founders feel that each course any mariner experiences should be high quality at a low cost and have designed each course with that principle in mind. With a combined 60+ years of experience from recreational boating to the commercial industry, our founders have brought maritime training to the next level. Real world scenarios, with real world evolution in training, and most importantly, a fun and comfortable atmosphere. 



Mission Statement

“Providing the most complete and direct training solutions to both entry level and experienced Merchant Mariners in the United States with consistency, up to date information, and state of the art facilities, as well as incorporating our experiences and time at sea to provide each student a premium learning experience.”