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Gulf Coast Maritime Academy Maritime Training Course Catalog

Our course catalog details each course, cost, and description. All of our courses are USCG approved and include OUPV 6 pack captain’s license, Upgrade to 100 Ton Master, Upgrade to 200 Ton Master, Able Seaman, Basic Safety Training, Advanced Fire Fighting, Vessel Security Officer, Radar Observer Recertification, Search and Rescue, Leadership and Managerial Skills, Leadership and Teamworking, RFPNW, Refresher, and Revalidation courses. No exams with the coast guard and we have a 100% pass rate with all of our students!

This Courses are also known as 6 Pack Captains License, 100 Ton License, OUPV License, 6 Pack Captain’s License, 200 Ton License, Boat Captain, Florida Captain License or Captain License Florida


USCG Approved Courses

All courses advertised are approved by the USCG National Maritime Center, pending approval, or in final development. Each one of our courses is designed for maximum retention, student interaction, and  bring a real world climate into the classroom. We ensure that each student gets the most out of every course we offer, without a high cost to both our students and our corporate partners. Courses that are pending approval will have projected dates of approval for ease in planning and scheduling the class. All classes that are pending approval are subject to change at any time. Please know that we will work hard to ensure that the course will be available prior to the projected approval date.


All courses require a minimum number of students to carry out the course. We will notify every enrolled student seven (7) days prior if a course is being rescheduled. All courses require a 20% deposit to secure your spot in the course. Deposits are non refundable yet are transferrable to another course or course date.


Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV): 56 Hours (7 Days)     GLFCMA - 340


Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) Upon Near Coastal, or Great Lakes and Inland, or Inland Waters is commonly referred to as the “6-pack” or “Charterboat Captain’s License”. The word “uninspected” means that the equipment required and the design of the boat are less regulated. “6-pack” refers to the 6 passenger limitation placed on the license. OUPV licenses are issued with a particular route.


Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 GRT Near Coastal: 24 Hours (3 Days)     GLFCMA - 535 


The USCG Masters License allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels. Any vessel that is certified (authorized) by the USCG to carry more than 6 paying passengers plus crew must have a Captain who holds a Masters license. Ferry boats, harbor tours boats, whale watch boats are examples of inspected vessels.


Upgrade Master 100 GRT to Master 200 GRT/500 ITC Near Coastal: 28 Hours (3 1/2 Days)    GLFCMA - 527


This Officer Endorsement is most appropriate for operating small passenger vessels that hold a United States Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection and carry more than six passengers. Typical vessels include charter boats (head boats), small ferries, dinner boats, yachts, and whale watch vessels.


Assistance Towing: 4 Hours (1/2 Day)     GLFCMA - 42


Commercial Assistance Towing is "Towing for Hire," such as the activities of a TowBoat U.S. operator towing a disabled vessel to its homeport. This USCG towing endorsement is not a "Towing" license for the operation of a tugboat.


Radar Observer Recertification: 6 Hours (Till Complete)     GLFCMA - 402 


The Radar Observer Recertification course is designed to provide mariners with refresher training in radar plotting, navigation, and collision avoidance.


Able Seaman (Any Rating): 40 Hours (5 Days)     GLFCMA - 001


An able seaman is a naval rating of the deck department of a merchant ship with more than two years' experience at sea and considered "well acquainted with his duty". An AB may work as a watchstander, a day worker, or a combination of these roles.


Vessel Security Officer (VSO)     GLFCMA - 573


A vessel security officer (vSO) is an important entity under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) code. The vSO is a person appointed by the company and the ship’s master for ensuring the security of the ship.

Courses - Pending Approval and Under Final Development