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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge anything else besides what you have listed?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our listed prices for each course is for everything you will need besides plotting tools and calculators, depending on the course. We don't charge to take the test, issue the course certificate, or assist with the USCG application. 

We firmly believe in giving each student a honest price that is reasonable, affordable, and transparent. We have been in the position of paying additional fees for something and never told to expect it. This does happen from time to time so please be aware of this. Also, if the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. 

Do you make sure everyone passes the class?

We make sure that you are given every chance to pass each course that we offer. Our courses are designed to bring a direct approach to the topic so you walk away learning something new and without "TIME FILLERS". Years of training and experience has taught us that holding your hand is simply not going to teach you anything. That's what we are here to do. Our prices are very reasonable but we still understand that you are paying good money to take a course and pass it. We make sure that you have every tool possible to pass every single class that we offer. 

Do you offer online courses?

Not at this time, however; we are looking into this option in the future. Again, teaching an online course gets away from the actual instruction and retention of each topic. There are additional security factors that go along with this as well So the short answer is simply no. 

Are your courses USCG Approved?

Yes! Every course that we offer for licensing and endorsements is and must be USCG approved.